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This year I’ll be doing a new show at the Melbourne comedy festival, it’s called Border Force. It’ll be a sketch/standup with the excellent Jonathan Schuster and myself. Tickets are available here


Artwork and everything else is to follow.

Here’s a lot of stuff relating to previous stand up shows that I’m immensely proud of.


Big Night Out

I did a show all about drinking, about my family and basically our society LOVING drink a bit too much. It had some of my best routines in and was very much a festival show. I chartered the effects of each drink, I spoke about my awareness of my failings and realities under the influence and why I love it there. It was the first show where I was okay looking like a dick.

Luke Benson: Makes Something of Himself

This was about turning 30 & sorting my life out. It was a joy to do & the best thing I’ve created out my brainmouth.

Here is the review:

I will be performing a revised version of this show at Edinburgh from the 23rd-30th August.
It’s with the free fringe. Please come. It’s great. It’ll also be appearing elsewhere in the run up to the festival. Have a look on my gigs page for details.
It was fuelled by this man – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H8Ju8hTUUMA

#EricThomas #TGIM #Breathe #Success #TonyRobbins #Ambition



Legendary Feet

My second hour was based on our perception of what legends are and what they used to be. I set about evaluating my legend & subsequently improving it. It cost me an eye.
It was lots of fun to do & when there were more than 5 people in a hoot to do.

#ToughMudder #BlindDate #Mythology #LotsOfAudienceWork #Gipper

Legendary Feet


Backseat Hero

The first hour – a tale of meagre heroism. I was in a road accident that lead to me being stalked by a Taxi-Driver who’d really fallen onto the wrong side of the road/law. It’s a great tale & I’m glad to be past it.

Here are the nice reviews

#Stalking #CabDriver #CrowbarredClubSet

Backseat Hero



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